Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ann Arbor Huron WR Jeremy Jackson! (2010)

Ann Arbor Huron WR Jeremy Jackson recently talked with Maize-Nation, and gave us some interesting new information. 6'3" 190 pound receiver expects to be high on Michigan target list for the 2010 recruitment, and is son of UM running backs coach Fred Jackson. He will be attending Michigan junior day on March 13th. Here's what the highly touted receiver had to say

Maize-Nation: Come on Jeremy, tell the truth. When will Huron finally take down Pioneer?
Jeremy Jackson: I think we should be able to beat them by next year, our team is looking really good.

MN: What's it like being son of UofM running backs coach Fred Jackson?
JJ: I think there are many advantages, but also disadvantages because people expect so much more out of you because your the coaches son.

MN: And those advantages are...
JJ: The advantages are that you get to see the work ethic of college players and you get to meet all of them. You learn their stories and you learn how they got to Michigan and became who they are.. you meet the best players and you get to learn from them.

MN: What are you weaknesses and strengths on the football field?
JJ: My strengths would be that I'm a deep threat; I catch any balls that are thrown to me, I run good routes and I'm a bigger receiver. A couple weaknesses of mine would be my quickness and agility.

MN: I've heard different people compare you to various receivers, the main being Adrian Arrington. Anything you wanna say about that? Anyone you compare yourself to?
JJ: Well, I think that Adrian Arrington is a good comparison, actually. I like how Adrian plays the game and I try to be like him on the field when I play, he makes great catches and I think I do the same.

MN: Alright, alright, now you knew this was coming: COLLEGES
JJ: (Haha) Oh man!

MN: Everyone says you're really interested with southern schools. Any truth to that? Have any of them offered you?
JJ: I like Texas, LSU, and Florida.
JJ: Texas has contacted me with coach Bobby Kennedy, I like him a lot. Same with Florida's WR coach Billy Gonzalez .
JJ: LSU is also a big school and they have sent me mail, so I like them. One school that people dont know about is USC.

MN: Has USC offered you?
JJ: Nope, not yet.

MN: What if USC were to offer you?
JJ: I probably would commit there because I love there football tradition. I went to the Coliseum while I was at the rose bowl and saw their campus; I was really impressed.

MN: You would commit their over Michigan?
JJ: I don't know yet, Michigan is my definite leader, but I would definitely take it into consideration.

MN: Alright Jeremy thanks for your time!
JJ: No problem.

Jeremy registered 41 receptions for 535 yards this season at Huron. He also had 3 touchdowns. Look for him to be the top rated WR in Michigan for 2010, and a top ten Michigan prospect.

Monday, March 10, 2008

G/F Zach Novak Commits!

Chesterton, IN guard Zach Novak has committed to the Wolverines. A perfect fit for the Beilein offense, Novak averaged 28 points per-game in a tough Indiana conference, and his high school is known for releasing quality Big Ten prospects. Novak, should receive immediate playing time for the Wolverines next season, and will be the player that other teams will have to lock up from beyond the ark. A very deadly three point shooter, and a solid all around player in general- Novak averaged 8 rebounds per game. Look out Big Ten, Michigan is on the way up, and will be returning to the NCAA's within the next 3 years; mark my words.